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tv   [untitled]    August 18, 2013 7:00am-7:31am PDT

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public support for a issue that may be before the voters. that funding or that campaign, is not reported? >> that is right. >> and that is kind of what this proposal will tend to capture. >> all right, so that aspect, does that cover for example, an organization that has a project, you know, and has a big campaign, and that is endorsed by an elected official. does that count? i mean, elected officials endorse all kinds of programs and projects all of the time. >> i think that it could, if they were using an elected officials in premature to add legitimatecy in the appeal to the public. >> you mean if they used it for example in printed material? >> yeah. >> or the media campaign. >> yeah. let's say that we are doing a mailer to say right to the
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board of supervisor and tell them not to cut them for the fire cuts keep them all open. >> maybe the firefighters union will do something like that. and they would say, you know, supervisors you are actually spear heading a movement to help us in gaining the funding that we need. please write or call the board right away. and that reporting would be captured whether or not the supervisor's names were attached to it or not. and you know, it is kind of that would not be it is not associated with like a ballot measure or something like that, so there is actually no political reporting attached to this. >> i see. >> does that answer your question? >> i think that it does. basically, the same thing is endorsed. and i was thinking more fire house number 9 and they and
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there is a particular initiative or some ballot measure that is endorsed by these candidates already. and then you list that or those candidates who have endorsed this particular initiative to the fire house number nine and that will fall within this as well. >> yes. >> it gets tricky in the range before an election, anything that contains the candidate's names kind of becomes election material and therefore will be regulated differently. and i think that a good example and i hope that i, construct this correctly there was a prop f about fire houses. before it came into existence, there was a campaign to get the board not to put it on the ballot and not to create a ballot measure and so the spin on this was to put up i think billboards and send out mailings to tell the public and
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the board of supervisors that we don't want, the funding cuts and then it looks like it was coming any way and a ballot measure came to rescind those cuts. but before that point it would have been expenditure lobbying and it was not associated with the candidate or a ballot measure. >> if is there an initiative on the ballot, and some individual wants to finance global calls, just does he or she have to report the fact that global calls that going to say vote for this initiative n >> they will have to report it as independent expenditures. >> right. >> in which case it is campaign finance reporting and that is
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already captured >> so at this time what is necessary, is to actually write the language that could be incorporated into the legislation at the board of supervisors. >> if you like this direction, you know, we just need to indicate to ask and go ahead and go forward and draw up the proper legislation and we will give it back to you for the approval when it is drafted and send it over to the board. we don't need a formal approval. >> i wanted to hear from the other commissions that the preponderance after mr. bush brought this to our attention and believed that it was the tip of the iceberg and we find off an investigation and some research that it is eight over three years, and i wanted to
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hear from the other commissioners does it have bearing on what we are getting ready to move forward with? one way or another? >> the subject and that there was no public comment. and that therefore, absent it does not appear to be a need under the present reporting requirements. and some someone wants to bring it back, i would... >> and i don't know why we want the staff to fuel the problem
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that the public apparently is not concerned about. >> and then we will have an additional opportunity to discuss this issue when the language comes back to us at the next meeting. >> so that is... and do i want us to go forward. >> i think that we do. >> absolutely. i think that we all agree with that. >> we are going to do that and we don't need any formal action. >> very good. >> let's look at the minutes, are there any additions or corrections? >> that was your first meeting with commissioner andrews? >> indeed it was. >> and my name is spelled right. so that is great. >> that is the... >> thank you. >> and that is what is
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essential. >> the first and the last. >> and i make a motion. second. >> approve the minutes. >> any public comment? >> for the minutes? >> hearing none, and all in favor of approving the minutes? >> aye. >> the minutes stand approved. and we want to consider the executive director's report. >> okay. >> so, the mayor has not signed it yet. so we are still not through the woods if you will, but the indications are good. so this bodes very well for us,
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and the delay in hiring and education out reach coordinator continues, and because the city won't let us hire someone until they have an approved list. the list i am told now exists. and it will be distributed to us in the very near future and so we have been recruiting for that. >> so we can only recruit from the list? >> right. and we had an auditer retire and until that person has exhausted their vacation we can't begin to look for a replacement and so that is coming up and so this funding will allow us to hire another investigator. and which will be good. so we will be able to do the current investigators that are doing exceptionally good work and this will allow them to concentrate on fewer cases at a time and bring in the resolution and a satisfaction. and that is actually very, very good news and that is my own
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real highlight and the other thing that i would just point out is, 15 non-filers were referred to the fppc of the standing of economic interest. and this is out of six or 700 filers. and normally, we have 60 or 70 non-filers a year and so we have done a good job this year in spite of the responsibilities of transferred from one year from one staff to the other and so i am actually well pleased and so i wanted to point that out to you, if you have any questions i will be happy to answer those. >> commissioners? any questions? >> i just wanted to if you can hear from mr. st. croix, a caseload, do you have an optimum kind of caseload that you would be going for i suspect for this moment that it is higher that you prefer it to be.
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>> i don't have an actual number because we don't have any control over that. the number of cases divided by the number of staff, tempered with the with the case. and three is well and probably five or six, you move forward and you have to wait to move forward and several of our investigations are pending audits and they move at a different pace and at any given time we have 30 to 50 cases and the number of cases come in at a rate and a lot of them are dismissals and you are going to see many of those. for various reasons, mostly of non-jurisdiction and so i could
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not ideally what it is because it we do not fit if an ideal mold. >> okay. >> and am i glad to hear that. >> and any items for future meetings? >> public comment on the ada report? >> public comment on the executive director's report? >> hearing none, we will move on to any propose td items for the future meetings? >> okay. >> and add to at again agenda. >> is there any public comment on matters appearing or not appearing on the agenda tonight? >> we appreciate those of you who were here, to provide the public comment, thank you. and that concludes... >> the meeting is adjourned. >> second. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> that adjourns the meeting of
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the ethic's commission.minute.
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>> this is the meeting of the small business owner commission. at this minute we ask the public to turn off all electronic deprivess. first item is roll call. before we do roll call we wanted to thank 77 gov. tv. (roll call) commissioner white a
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absent, asked you. commissioners we have quorum. before we begin the regular part of the meeting item 5 which is a presentation by the san francisco ordinance and policies in the city of san francisco not limited to the current law or proposals the presenter is not able to be here. we'll be calling the item as we choose the whole discussion based on the documents this that's been presented. at this time mr. president, would i like to move into the public general comment. this allows the public to commit and suggests new agenda items
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for the future commissioners agenda. do we have any discussion the public would like to add. seeing none, please have a seat in the witness stand. next female >> commissioners this puts you on to the appreciation even if certificate of honor roca city employee recognition program. >> i wish i had somebody read that actually (laughter) can we obtain. >> as you all know chris who was our secretary today, it's his last day and last official commission meeting. chris you've been awesome. >> thank you. >> as i watch a lot of the
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commission meetings we have one of the better commission secretaries. you keep us all in line and keep myself well-informed a lot. when i very very much appreciate. and i think you've done an awesome job and on behalf of myself i'm going to miss you. i'd like to know if we'd like to hear from any other commissioners up there >> we love chris. >> we love you, chris. >> you helped us ail. we couldn't have asked for a better secretary. thank you very much for everything you've done. and you're always very responsive you call me back within 5 sections >> i would say i was here for
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his whole tenure and it's been a pleasure working with you and i wish you the best of luck. >> yes you're a class act chris. die-hard giants and 49ers fan and sharks. it's been a pleasure. i can't thank you you enough especially for me in my role. i want to thank you. with that we have a proclamation from the sfob commission. the small business owner commission is pleased to recognize the accomplishments of chris that is made to the office of small business owner and the small business owner commissioner. he started the office of the
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small business owner and his contribution has helped to establish the go to for small business owner. but most significantly wins starting with the smoking free ordinance and the alcohol recovery fee and the revisions to the health skirt ordinance and ending with the family free workplace. he provided excellent service and has represented the small business owner commission as well as the liaison city departments. the san francisco small business owner commission extends it's full guide to the commission we we wish you many, many successes. i'd like to make a few remarks to chris's contribution has
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really i think, you know, really evaluated our position around policy matter and really having different elected offices approaching us ahead of time and has established a wonderful working environment. and that's been greatly appreciated. i hope your proud of your accomplishments and just really want to wish you the best success and think you'll be great in our future endeavors >> come on up. >> i'd like to thank the
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commission for working with me over the past 3 and a half years. i think some of the commissioners have been here you when i became involved in the smoke free ordinance i was working with a number of businesses that had smoking rooms and i did a lot of advocate with regina and the commission was the sounding where had that really worked with us and worked with the businesses i was working on and the commission made it one of the priority principles and one of the principles that was advocated. and it really impressed me the commission championing those
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plans. i've had an exceptional time i'd like to thank the commissioners as form president's of the commission and former departments along with others. it's been a pleasure working with all of you. this commission is a valuable commission. small business owners don't have the opportunity to advocate individually people's 3 they need the voice of the commission and office such as a ourselves and all of you worked hard to get educated. i educated myself on the issues you all have the time to become extremely interested and educated on the issues. i don't think i've seen such an informed group of individuals on
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a volunteer basis come forward with such informed dialog. i really see a bright future for this commission. i can't not thank the director. i look forward to being engaged in the future and i can't thank you enough >> thank you (clapping). >> and i think small business owner is in chris's blood. so i wouldn't be surprised seeing him for public comments or something. we hope that you do >> next item it item for the presentation of the small business owner presentation roca small city hall as part of sftv
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and this is a discussion item. >> so commissioners i today would like to recognize erick he's been working all year on streamlining the report his last day is this friday. erick has present me with the draft we're working on the final details and so and while he wanted to make a form complete presentation to you, we were not able to get that done prior to his departure. he may be back but i want to
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take the time to appreciate himself and he's provided us with a document this that is subjective. you'll get it to read and make some final recommendations as well. on this day monday july 22nd we're pleased to recognize the contributions he's made to the office of small business owner and the small business owner commission. as a, 2013 he's taken on the process to streamline the small business owners to open their businesses in san francisco. with diligent in assisting the director, me, in defining the short-term and long-term improvements the short-term improvements we can make some
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recommendations now and the long-term requirements we were not able to do in this year. >> this has been extremely valuable for me and the commission. the legacy of your work to the office of small business owner and the small business owner community will be felt for many years to come. and so for that we extend your gratitude on the report and wish you much success in our future endeavor. >> thank you very much commissioners and regina. i first started this without knowing anything about entrepreneurship and not knowing where to start with the hundreds and hundreds of applications.
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it's everything had regina and you all have given me, you have a strong advocate for the small business owner community in front of the i and hope to communicate here and beyond so thank you very much for everything and hopefully, we'll continue to work on another endeavors as well >> you did jump into it and he really appreciate that. i've been at a a lot of meetings in getting groups and neighborhoods together and if you're going to learn something, you know, you can learn every angle in this town based on rules and instructions. the work you did was great and the help you gave to the office
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of small business owner and regina is invaluable. i've seen some of your good work. if we can do anything for you in the future i wish i the best and our tenure years was the best so thank you very much. >> thank


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